How to Customize Canva Templates

What You Can Do With Canva Templates—

Canva is so easy to work in and … it’s totally FREE.  All you need to do is sign up for a free account.
Once you’ve done that you’ll click on the link I’ve sent you and then you accept the template into your account. After that, magic … you can begin working on customizing and personalizing the template immediately.

The wonderful thing about Canva templates is that if you don’t like the colors that I have used, you can easily change them.  Using your own brand colors is a great way to go, and Canva makes that super simple to do.

The templates I created for you use totally free elements, and are completely customizable to suit your needs.
Besides changing the colors, feel free to change the words, change any of the images I’ve used, change the layout of any of the graphics, and personalize by adding your own domain URL. What’s also nice is to add your own ideas, quotes, and your picture!

These templates are extremely flexible, and I know you are going to love what I’ve created for you.